Interactive Pet Food Feeder Dispenser

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Type:Interactive Cat Dog Iq Training Toys Educational Play. Material:ABS. Size:32*25*18-27cm. Used For:Training,Slow Feeding. Perfect for All Breeds: all dogs or any other animals.


1.Excited dog,eliminate depression,incentive pets out of loneliness and gloomy,slow down the speed of eating. 2.It is treat-seeking puzzle for your smart pup,bring out the clever in your dog with our interactive,treat-seeking puzzles and exercise toys. 3.As with all interactive toys,it is important to supervise play. 4.Provides hours of fun for your pet.

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Dog keep the food drop from the leakage holes by turning the slow feeder.Then through bottom plate to control the dog eating speed.

Height Adjustment

Suitable for different heights of dogs and cats.

How to use it

1.Place where dog food is stored.

Put the dog food from the hole and then close it

2.Height adjustment knob.

Suitable for different sizes of dogs to eat and play.

3.Different size of the leakage hole.

It can make different sizes of dog food can fall from the leakage hole

4.Slow feeder bowl.

Slow down the speed of eating for health.

5.Anti-slip design


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