Pet Bath Towel Bathrobe XS-XL Dogs Super Absorbent

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Since we have a bathrobe, it ’s much easier to take a bath. Put on the bathrobe directly after taking a bath, wrap the wet baby paper in the bathrobe, let it shake, super absorbent fabric helps Soak up the water, and don't be afraid to wet the floor and home.After the whole bathrobe has absorbed the water, help the Mao children take off the bathrobe and blow it with a hair dryer to dry it. If the weather is good, just expose to the sun.


* ultrafine fiber, super absorbent capacity 

* Belt matching design, the range can be adjusted according to the pet's waist 

* Neck Velcro design, easy to put on and take off 

* XS is suitable for cats


Material: Fiber 

Size: XS,S,M,L,XL 

Color: blue, brown 

Suitable for: dogs/cats 

Usage: Super absorbent, easy to wear and take off, clothes and blankets dual-purpose.

Package Included:

pet bath towel*1