Pet Halloween Cloak Hat Set Cat Dog Cosplay Clothes Halloween Masquerade Pet Performance Costume

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Halloween Pet Costumes Dog Cosplay Dog Cloak with Hat Cosplay Clothes Costume Decoration for Kitten Puppy Small Pet

Bullet Points:

1、Suitable for Halloween, masquerade, photography, daily wear or any occasion.
2、Super cute and funny Halloween pet costumes make it easy for cats and dogs to play vampires.
3、Create a mysterious atmosphere. A vampire cloak suit with hat and a bell will enhance the pet's charm and make the pet look cool.
4、Made of soft and silky fabric, size can be adjusted.
5、Perfect for cats and dogs of any size.


Suitable for Halloween, masquerade, photography, daily wear or any occasion.
Super cute and funny Halloween pet costumes make it easy for cats and dogs to play vampires.
Create a mysterious atmosphere. A vampire cloak suit with hat and a bell will enhance the pet's charm and make the pet look cool.
Made of soft and silky fabric, size can be adjusted.
Perfect for cats and dogs of any size.

Color: red and black
Material: satin cloth
Object: general for cats and dogs
Scene: Halloween / prop shooting / party, etc.


Size/Neck circumference/Clothing length/Hat diameter/Hat height
S /22-25cm/8.66-9.84inch, 17cm/6.69inch; 12.5cm/4.92inch; 10cm/3.94inch
M/ 31-34cm/12.20*13.39inch; 23cm/9.06inch; 12.5cm/4.92inch; 10cm/3.94inch
L/ 40-43cm/15.75-16.93inch; 30cm/11.81inch; 16cm/6.30inch; 12cm/4.72inch

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