Pet Wheelchair Walk Cart Scooter

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Bullet Points:
1、Lightweight Advantage: The wheelchair features the lightweight, adjustable aluminum frame, which is rust-resistant.
2、Adjustable Design: The wheelchair features the fully adjustable seat belt for providing the pet with the optimum comfort and mobility; the height, length and width of the wheelchair are adjustable.
3、Small Tip: The neoprene front and rear seat belts can give the pet comfort. But please note that most pets take 1-2 weeks to adjust to the wheelchair
4、Strap Design: The wheelchair features the abrasion-resistant strap, which can be made of sandwich mesh material, thus making the wheelchair soft, fluffy, breathable.
5、Powerful Function: The wheelchair features the mute wheel featured by the the double bearings, thus making the wheelchair abrasion-resistant, shock absorbing, comfortable to use.

Sizes and weights of different standards(approx.):
XXS: height of hind legs: 9-15cm/3.54-5.91in, width of hip: 8-14cm/3.15-5.51in, weight: 1-3kg
XS: height of hind legs: 15-24cm/5.91-9.45in, width of hip: 14-20cm/5.51-7.87in, weight: 1-3kg
XS(widened): height of hind legs: 15-24cm/5.91-9.45in, width of hip: 18-25cm/7.09-9.84in, weight 5-15kg
S: height of hind legs: 24-34cm/9.45-13.39in, width of hip: 18-26cm/7.09-10.24in, weight: 10-20kg
M: height of hind legs: 28-45cm/11.02-17.72in, width of hip: 20-30cm/7.87-11.81in weight: 10-20kg

Packing List:
1*pet hind legs wheelchair

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