Pet Hair Remover Brush Gentle Pet Grooming Brush

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Single product size: 23 × 9 × 2.5cm


It is a fairly flat brush for dogs and cats with flexible silicone bristles.

It has been designed to help you unravel your pet's coat, remove any excess hair that has spilled and then add shampoo to a bath when necessary.

After working on your pet's dry hair and then turning the tool over, you will notice that the opposite side contains comb combs instead of bristles.

These crests are designed to hold the shampoo that, along with the water, can clean your dog or cat's coat.

The handle of each one has approximately the same length as the handles that are commonly found in human hair brushes, and has been designed to feel comfortable to grip.

That means that it is likely that you can go through a long grooming session with your pet, which includes brushing and bathing, without feeling that the hand you are holding your tool with is sore.

The easy-grip handle will also be difficult to release, even if you have to comb through a particularly messy tangle inside a very thick coat

Color blue

Graphite crucible mini gold furnace metal melting torch:

1 piece x comb for hair removal 

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