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Product information:
Material: ABS
Product category: dog trainer
Specification: red, black
Features: weatherproof, indoor and outdoor, 4 gear operation (including test mode)
Product size: 15.5x14x15.5cm

Use ultrasound to stop dogs barking
Valid range: 50 feet
4 levels of operations
Durable and waterproof
The two-color indicator shows whether the battery is sufficient
9 v battery - (battery not included)
It can effectively prevent your dog from barking
It can effectively prevent your neighbor's dog from barking
It can prevent the dog from barking at a certain time
Train the puppy not to bark
Stop dogs barking when camping
Microphone sensitive to sound: trigger ultrasonic sound.
Switch and 4 levels of operation:
OFF - for saving battery
Test - used to verify the function of microphone and speaker

Packing list:
Dog driver X1PCS

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