Cat Disposable Food Bowl Replaceable Portable Bowl Dog Feeders Cat Bowls Bowl Holder Eco-friendly Paper Bowl

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1: Disposable paper bowl bagasse made of materials, natural environmental protection and health, non-toxic and tasteless
2: 15-degree tilt design makes food posture healthier
3: Retro vitality, stylish two-color
4: Thoughtful design of large bowl mouth, bowl diameter 17.8cm, suitable for various animal face shape companies
5: Non-slip foot pad
6: The inner wall is smooth and easy to clean

Color:malachite green/Tangle Tango Orange
bowl base: 1800x98mm
Paper Bowl: 178X40mm
Bowl base: ABS
Paper Bowl: bagasse

Package Content:
A-fresh bowl (with 10 paper bowls), B-disposable paper bowl (30 pieces)

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